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I’m so happy to see Kells and the EST family finally getting some recognition after Black Flag dropped and it’s only the first day. I swear, this dude is going to make it big and I’ll be happy to say I was part of it all, watching him play from venues to big ass arenas.

As for the haters, smd.. You all are there only when a person succeeds and makes it past their goals. You all would like to see a person like him fail, but he’s winning. kthx

I got one bitch, I got two bitch, I got three bitch, I got four.
I tell the fifth bitch to tell the sixth bitch to get the seventh bitch to bring more.

When the time’s up on my watch
and they bury me in that box,
don’t say that I ain’t give this game everything that I’ve got

I got a dream we gon’ change the world soon.
And one day get the fuck out of this bedroom.
Maybe write a song for the girl who cries when she thinks up her past,
but just press play, I tell her to smile and she just laughs.

The dark side of the moon is the only child that can’t fit in the place.
The dark side of the moon looks like a single mother, bruises on her face.

My post on explaining why I love MGK got 99 notes. Let me hug my EST fam right now.

Lately, a ton of people have been asking me what I see that shines so bright in Machine Gun Kelly. When I tell them I actually enjoy listening to a rap artist, I get funny looks because a lot of my friends know that I’ve been stuck on bands like The Maine, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, etc. But what they don’t understand is that I literally found him through Spotify. I was looking through songs and I needed new music to listen to because after awhile, never expanding your mind or listening to the same old shit everyday does get tiring. But when I did find him, I was like, “Okay, I can rock with this.” And when I found out that Lace Up was in stores, I literally went to Best Buy just to get a copy and new headphones so I was able to listen to his music clearly.

What people don’t understand is that MGK is not your everyday rapper. He’s been through so much in his life and to hear his journey about his own success makes me so anxious to be what I want to be. His journey has taught me that no matter what, I can be anything without limitations being set. He’s an escape from my daily life and the shitty day job I manage to keep. He’s given me strength, whether it be some kind of break up or losing a family member. It’s like breathing in fresh air and without him, I have no idea where I’d be. I have a mediocre paycheck like a ton of us here do and sometimes, it’s not always easy. But listening to Lace Up has helped me more than you all know. I listen to it before I go to sleep, I listen to it in the early mornings when I have to head somewhere, I listen to it throughout the day on my iPod. I do absolutely everything I can to have a small piece of a different mindset with me. With that kind of music, I can be positive again and know that I may just have a brighter future ahead of me.

I know it’s a lot and it’s like, midnight here. I’m on a rant tonight because I needed to let my feelings out on how much this rapper does mean to me. He’s not just some kid with blue eyes and a bunch of tattoos anymore, he’s got so much of a deeper meaning and only true EST members know how to represent him perfectly.

Lace the fuck up.